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Baoji Baohao Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co Ltd was founded in 2003 specializing in design R D production of oil drilling equipment and technical services Meanwhile it is an independent import export corporation We mainly engaged in pneumatic clutch and clutch spares drilling mud pump parts drawworks spare parts for oil drilling equipment and downhole testing tool Baohao exports products to many countries and regions such as USA Russia Turkish and Kazakstan With its excellent and experienced technical team in petroleum machinery manufacturing as well as advanced machining and precision testing equipment learning feedbacks from experience of use in site continuously refines and improves...

Categories and Products

Pneumatic Clutch

Common Type Pneumatic Clutch

Common Type Pneumatic Clutch For Oil Drilling Rig LT600/125 Common Type Pneumatic Clutch for Drilling Rig CBC800/135 Ordinary Pneumatic Clutch used in Drilling Rig Drilling Rig Parts Common Type Pneumatic Clutch 2CBC700/135 Pneumatic Clutch LT600/125 Common Type Pneumatic Clutch 

Ventilation Type Pneumatic Clutch

LT600/250 Ventilated Air Clutch for Drilling Rig Drilling Rig Parts Ventilation clutch LT1170/250 Ventilated Air Clutch of Oilfield Drilling Rig LT1168/305 Ventilated Air-tube Friction Clutch Drilling Rig Parts LT500/200 Ordinary Pneumatic Clutch LT900-250 Ordinary Pneumatic Clutch used in Drilling Rig LT 1168/305 Drawworks Ventilation Clutch LT965/305 Clutch for Drawworks LT965/305 Air Clutch for JC70D Drawworks API Standard Drilling Air Tube Clutch For Oil Rig LT1170/250T Pneumatic Clutch in Drilling Rig 

Diaphragm Type Pneumatic Clutch

Diaphragm Type Pneumatic Clutch for Drilling Rig DY700/135 Diaphragm Pneumatic Clutch Diaphragm Type Pneumatic Clutch for Oilfield Diaphragm Type Pneumatic Clutch Used in Oilfield 

Disc Clutch

Pushing Disc Clutch used in Drilling Rig High quality CD2-750 Pushing Disc Clutch Drilling Rig Parts TPQ318 Pushing Disc Clutch TPQ330/TPQ230 Oil Drilling Rig Pushing Disc Clutch Push-type Clutch with ATD Industrial Gasbag 

Clutch Spare Parts

Friction Plate For Pneumatic Clutch Parts Latest High Quality Drilling Rig Parts Torsion Rod Oilfield Drilling Rig Parts Brake Shoes Assembly Brake Grum For Oil Drilling Rig Parts Brake Shoes Assembly of Pneumatic Clutch API Standard Clutch Parts Spring Leaf Mud Pump Spare Part Ventilation Air Pocket Pneumatic Clutch Steel Rim Oilfield Pneumatic Clutch Parts Of Steel Rims Pneumatic Clutch Parts Steel Ring for Drawworks Pneumatic Tyre Assembly Of Pneumatic Clutch Pneumatic Clutch Part Pneumatic Tyre Assembly Super LT800/135 Friction Plate For Pneumatic Clutch Parts Friction Plate For Pneumatic Clutch Pneumatic Clutch Parts Steel Ring for Well Drilling Drawworks Factory supply LT Series API Torsion Rod For Drilling Rig Parts In Stock Factory supply LT Series API Torsion Bar Factory supply Super Quality LT Series Torsion Bar In Stock 

Drilling Mud Pump and Spare Parts

Drilling Mud Pump

BOMCO Triplex Mud Pump API 7K BOMCO And ZB-400 Mud Pump For Drilling Rig F Series Triplex Mud Pumps API Standard Oil Well Drilling Mud Pump API F500 Wholesale Drilling Mud Pump 

Pinion Shaft Assembly

Gear Pinion Shaft For Bomco Drilling Mud Pump API Standard Pinion Shaft End Cover Pinion Shaft For Bomco Drilling Mud Pump Pinion Shaft Assembly Of Mud Pump Gear Pinion Shaft Assembly For Mud Pump 

Crankshaft Assembly

API standard Mud Pump Main Bearing Connection Rod for Drilling pump Oil Pump Parts Eccentric Bearing Bomco Mud Pump Big Gear Rim Oil Drilling Pump Main Bearing Bolt F series Oil Pump Parts Race Retainer Mud Pump Parts Outer Race Retainer Connection Rod for Crankshaft Assembly Eccentric Bearing for Crankshaft Assembly High Quality Drilling Pump Big Gear Ring High Quality Hollow Crank Shaft For Triplex Drilling Mud Pump API BOMCO/EMSCO Mud Pump Crank Shaft Assembly For Sale API Standard Stainless Steel Crankshaft Assembly Newest Main Bearing for Mud Pump High quality Race Retainer for Drilling Pump 

Crosshead Assembly

Crosshead for Mud Pump API standard Crosshead Pin for mud pump Oil Pump Parts Crosshead Pin Guide Mud Pump Parts Upper Slide Mud Pump Parts Lower Slide Mud Pump Parts Nylon Oil Seal Ring 3NB/SL Mud Pump Crosshead Extension Rod API Mud Pump Spare Parts Framework Oil Seal Oil Pump Parts Crosshead Pin Crosshead Pin Guide for Pinion Shaft Assembly Reliable Oil Seal Ring For Mud Pump Drilling Rig Mud Pumps Extension Rod API Drilling Pump Extension Rod API 7K Forging Crosshead For Mud Pump API standard Crosshead Pin for mud pump F 1600 Mud Pump Parts Nylon Oil Seal Ring Factory supply Mud Pump Crosshead Pin in Stock! F1300 Drilling Mud Pump Crosshead Pony Rod F1000 Drilling Mud Pump Crosshead Intermediate Rod Hot sale Mud Pump Parts Packing Box Assembly 

Fluid End Assembly

Ceramic Liner zirconia for Drilling Mud Pump High Quality Bi-metal Liner for Drilling Pump API Piston for both Duplex/Triplex Mud Pumps API Certified Emsco Ceramic Pump Piston Assembly API Certified Piston Rod for Mud Pump Mud Pump Valve Cover Seal for Drilling Pump API 7K Full Open Valve Assembly Valve Rod Guide (Upper) for Fluid End API standard Valve Guides(Lower) for Fluid End API certified Oil Mud Pump Parts Hydraulic Cylinder ZG35CrMo Work Carrier for Bomco Pump Industrial Sprial Custom Valve Compression Spring Mud Pump Spare Parts Suction Air Chamber F series Discharge Manifold for Bomco pump Hydraulic Cylinder Flange For Mud Pump Drilling Mud Pump Fluid End Flash Board Mud Pump Valve Seat For Well Drilling Parts High Quality Bomco pump Hydraulic Pull Valve Valve Cover for Mud Pump with good price Oil Pump Parts Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly 

Inhalation and Discharge Pipeline

Suction Manifold For BOMCO/EMSCO Oilfield Mud Pump Mud Pump Spare Part-Discharge Manifold Discharge And Suction Manifold For BOMCO Mud Pump API Suction/Discharge Manifold For Mud Pump API Standard Suction Manifold For Mud Pump Oilfield Equipment Suction And Discharge Manifold 

Pulsation Damper

KB75 Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Assembly Air Bag Capsules of Mud Pump Spare Parts KB45 Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Assembly KB45/KB75 Air Bag Capsules of Mud Pump Spare Parts Air Chamber Assembly For Oilfield Well Drilling Air Bag Assembly For Mud Pump K20 Pulsation Dampner For Drilling Mud Pump Diaphragm For Pulsating Damper For Drilling Mud Pump 

Shear Relief Valve

JA-3 Shear Relief Valve Flanged Type Shear Safety Valve parts Shear Pin for Drilling Pump API Bomco Pump Spare Part Crash Pad Shear Safety Valve JA-3 Thread Type Drilling Mud Pump Spare parts Shear Pin JA-3 Safety Cut Off Valve for Triplex Mud Pump JA-3 shear relief valve flange type Factory Supply JA-3 shear relief valve flange type in stock JA-3 flange shear relief valve manufacturer Factory Produce JA-3 flange shear relief valve JA-3 Flange thread connection Shear pin relief valve 

Spraying and Lubrication System

CB-100 Gear Pump of Triplex Pump BOMCO Mud Pump Spare Parts 2S Gear Oil Pump 32 PL Centrifugal Spray Pump For Triplex Mud Pump Electric Centrifugal Spray Pump For Triplex Mud Pump API Certified Triplex Mud Pump CB Gear Pump CB-Series Gear Pump Assembly For F-Series Mud Pump Oil Drilling Spare Part 2S Gear Oil Pump 


API Standard Drilling Rig Parts Belt Pulley Oil Drilling Rigs Spare Parts Compound Transmission Unit BOMCO Drilling Mud Pump Breather Cap Axial Flow Fan B30K4-11NO10A High quality Transition Taper Sleeve for Mud Pump Mud Pump Spare Part Long Sleeve Fixed Caliper Of Safty Valve For Mud Pump Hot Sale Mud Pump Spare Parts Transition Joint Linkage Unit For Drilling Rig Equipment System Slab Rubber Plate For Drilling Mud Pump Drilling Rig Pump Shaft Assembly Cylinder Gasket Of Drilling Mud Pump Gasket Hand Chain Hoist For Triplex Pump Parts API Pump Parts Air Charging Hose Assembly Spare Part of Mud Pump-Breather Cap API Cast Iron Gear of Drilling Rig EMSCO Mud Pump Parts Baking Ring API Standard Drilling Rig Parts Belt Pulley Latest High Quality Oil Well Drawwork Parts Long Sleeve High quality Belt Pulley for Drilling Rig 

Drilling Rig Parts


API Standard / Certified Oil Well Drawworks BOMCO Drum Spool For Drilling Rig Input Shaft Coupling Of JC40 Drawworks Drum gear coupling used for Drilling Rig Water Vapour Calabash for Oil Fielt Drilling Rig Gears of Drilling Rig for Oil Well Well Drilling Drawworks Roller Spindle Assembly Roller Spindle Assembly For Sale API Drum Gear Coupling For Drilling System API Drawworks for oilfield drilling rig Supply Roller Spindle Assembly New Arrival Drum Gear Coupling For Petroleum Drilling System hydraulic pump Supply oilfield drilling parts/drawworks part,water vapour calabash and and instrument device 

Rotary Table

API Standard Chain Wheel Sprocket For Turntable API Standard Oil Well Rotary Table Rotary Table for Oil Well Drilling Rig Sprocket Wheel For Drilling Rig Parts ZP175 Rotary Table For Drilling Rig 

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Emergency calipers Oil Cylinder for Drilling Rig Drilling Rig Brake Block of Hydraulic Disk Brake Service calipers of Hydraulic Disk Brake Emergency calipers of Hydraulic Disk Brake Factory supply Oil Cylinder for Emergency Calipers Newest Oil Cylinder For Hydraulic Disc Brake Cast Iron Brake Block For Oil Drilling 

Hoisting System

Oil Fielt Drilling Rig Parts Hydraulic Cathead Spare Part of Drilling Rig YC450 Traveling Block API Standard Drilling Parts Rotary Swivel API Standard Drilling Rig Crown Block Low Speed Gas Swivel For Drilling Rig High Speed Gas Swivel For Oil Well Drilling Rig Oil Drilling Rig YC450 Traveling Block Factory Supply Drilling Rig Crown Block TC-450 Latest High Quality Hydraulic Cathead for Drilling Rig yc225 Hook And Travelling Block For Oil Drilling Rig API Standard Drilling Rig Crown Block TC-90 Supply Drilling Rig Crown Block TC-135 in stock High Quality API Drilling Hook Block For Oil Drilling Rig API Standard Hook And Travelling Block For Oil Drilling Rig YM-16 Hydraulic Cathead For Drilling Rig API YM-10 Hydraulic Cathead 

Drilling Rig General Parts

V Belts and Chains

Narrow V-belts Used in Oil Fielt Drilling Rig API Standard Transmission Chains for Oil Drilling Rig V-belt Of 4ZV25J-4820/4ZV25J-6730 Types For Drilling Rig Oil Drilling Rig Spare Part Oil Field Chain 4V-4830 Drive Belts for Drilling Mud Pump 


API standard Eccentric Bearing with good price Main Bearing for Crankshaft Assembly High quality Crosshead Bearing for Mud Pump High Quality Connecting Rod Bearing For Oilfield Traveling Block Bearing for Oil Drilling Equipment API standard Mud Pump Crosshead Bearing Used in Drilling Pump 


YNK100 Pressure Torque Indicator API Certified YNK150 Manometer Gauge Drilling Pump Parts YK150F Pressure Gauge YK-150 Shock Resistant Pressure Gauge YK150D Manometer Gauge of Air Bag Assembly YK100F Manometer Gauge for Drilling Pump Air Bag YK-100B Manometer Gauge API Mud Pump Double Scale Pressure Gauge Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor For Oil Drilling Rig Pressure Sensor For Oil Drilling Rig Oil Drilling Rig parts Pressure Sensor API Standard Weight Indicator For Drilling Rig BOMCO Pump Parts Air Bag Is Inflated Hose Assembly Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor For Drilling Rig QF533 Air Horn Switch Of Drilling Rig YK150D Double Scale Pressure Gauge of Air Bag Assembly Air Horn Switch For the Pneumatic Control System Factory supply YK-100B Pressure Gauge with good price API Certified YNK-150 Manometer Gauge Supply YK-150F Shock Resistant Pressure Gauge For Drilling Pump Parts 

Valves and Joints

Angle Stop Valves for Mud Pump High quality Restrictors Valve for Drilling Rig 3 Position 4 Way Reset Operating Valve Two-Position Three-Way Button Valve Drilling Rig Part Normally Closed Gas Control Valve API EMSCO Mud Pump Parts Air Release Valve 2 Position 3 Way Gas Control Slide Valve For Drilling Rig Overflow Valve For Oil Drilling Gas Switch For Oilfield Drilling Rig Throttle Valve for Drilling Rig Pneumatic Contral System 34JR6-L8-F Three Position Four-way Air Control Valve JSV-LT12 SAFETY VALVE (JOKWANG) 34JR6-L8 Pneumatic Control Valve Anti-collision Circle Valve FP-L6 QF501B Three-way Switch Valve Factory Supply Overflow Valve For Oil Drilling Throttle Valve for oilfield drilling rig Hot Angle Stop Valves For Mud Pump Throttling Valve For Oilfield Equipment 

Rope Guiding Device

Rope Guiding Device for Drilling Drawworks Rope Guiding Device For Drawworks of Drilling Rig Drilling Rig Parts Rope Ranging Device Rope Ranging Device for Oil Drilling Equipment Device API Sandard Crane For Drilling Rig Latest High Quality API Standard Crane API Standard Rope Guiding Device For Drill Rig Accessories 

Downhole Testing Tool

Sleeve Type Drain Valve of Downhole Testing Tool APR Test Tools RD Safety Circulating Valve Downhole Testing Tool OMNI VALVE Downhole Testing Tool BIG JOHN JAR Drain Valve of Downhole Testing Tool API BC40J Belt Compound Factory supply RD Safety Circulating Valve with good price 

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